Yellowstone Naturopathic Clinic
Integrative Residency Program

Clinic Description and History

The YNC was established in 1992 and has been actively involved in providing integrated medicine to Billings and the outlying communities, including Wyoming and the Dakotas. Formerly, graduates from Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington, practiced here in an informal residency, under Dr. Margaret Beeson's supervision and remained to serve the community. There are currently approximately 300 naturopathic physicians graduating yearly from our 4 nationally accredited naturopathic medical schools. Residency sites are limited.

The YNC provides a unique setting in that we incorporate a number of modalities classically practiced by naturopathic physicians, including hydrotherapy in our medical spa. We have established many excellent relationships with the local medical community. This creates an ideal environment for graduating physicians beginning their professional life.

CNME Approved Remote Residency Site

YNC was accepted as an official, certified residency site of Bastyr University in March 2005. The YNC will be accepting 1-2 1st year residents and a 2nd year resident yearly in partnership with Bastyr's Remote Site Residency program.

We have a very busy general practice, which is ideal for graduating physicians to have the opportunity to work with a variety of patients, in a supervised capacity. Residents will rotate through the hydrotherapy therapy department where we practice
colonics, therapeutic peat baths and constitutional hydrotherapy. Our physical medicine department continues to develop with Naturopathic Manipulation and certification in Regenerative Injection Therapy.

Local Community Sites for Resident Observation and Practice

We have developed a number of clinical rotations with specialty physicians;
residents will be doing these rotations at the following sites:/

Marty Lucas, M.D., Oncology and Hematology Center
James Hinshaw, M.D., Big Sky OBGyn
James McMeekin, M.D., Pulmonary Care
Nina Tomachevski, M.D., Gastroenterology,
Jackson, M.D., Perinatology and Genetics
Janet Dietrich, M.D., Gynecology
Philip Key, M.D., DBC Otolaryngology
Michael Wentzel, M.D., DBC Dermatological Oncology
Robert Van Nice, M.D., Family Practice
John Zachrewski, P.T., Mountainland Physical Therapy

There are many physicians who are interested in serving as sites for our residents;
this will lead to an expansion of our clinical rotations.

Integrative Pharmacy Partnership

Our residents spend 3 hours a week at our local compounding pharmacy, Juro's, providing
information and education to their customers. They are responsible for a quarterly
newsletter and a monthly brown bag series.

Opportunities for Residents to Develop Marketing Skills

"Ask the Naturopathic Doctor" is a bi-monthly feature in our local paper, the Billings
Gazette, that our residents contribute to or a regular basis. The residents have the
opportunity to lecture in the community for conferences and support groups, and to
manage a regular lecture series at the clinic.

Service to Rural Practices

We have been asked to provide naturopathic care in a number of outlying communities,
including Miles City, Round Up, Red Lodge and Wyoming and plan to explore this further
in the near future, as we have more available personnel and resources.

Program Structure

The residency program is structured as follows:
• Direct patient care in a family-centered family practice
• Weekly conferencing and mentoring with Dr. Margaret Beeson
• Clinical grand rounds attended weekly by all residents and teaching staff
• Clinical rotations with selected specialty practitioners
• Rotation at Juro's Compounding Pharmacy weekly
• Public lectures and newsletters
• Opportunities for research and special projects

Program Goals and Development

In conjunction with Bastyr's supervision and tutelage, we will continue to evaluate and
refine our residency program. Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality care to
our patients and excellent postgraduate training for naturopathic graduates. We also seek
to further expand into greater integration in the larger medical community and expose the
residents to the benefits of this to our patients.

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